Asylum Fight League's year end finale took place last Saturday night, and the fights were, as usual, insane.  We saw knockouts, submissions and close decisions and the fans all left with their voices hoarse from cheering on their favorite fighters.

In the pro bouts, Shedrick "Chocolate Thunder" Goodridge lived up to his nickname by coming out bombing.  He landed a quick one-two on James Frier that put Frier down.  Then Goodridge rained down punches, but Frier was able to tie up and work his ground game. Both men showed great skill on the ground, and after the early barrage, Frier was able to get some good positions on Shedrick.  By the end of the fight, however, Goodridge was coming on strong and he won a unanimous decision.  It was a great fight that had the fans screaming for more.

In the final bout of the evening, Pat Dwyer took on Brian Pohlmeyer and dominated.  Pohlmeyer showed great toughness and amazing sub defense to last out the fight, but Dwyer was in command throughout and won a unanimous decision.  Pat Dwyer is now 2-0 and he's somebody to keep your eye on.

The amateur bouts delivered as well.  In a heavyweight contest, Ali "Stealth" Khawaja battled Sam "The Hammer" Davis to a draw.  Ali had a huge following in attendance, and the place erupted in boos at the decision.  Davis came out and landed a jab, just missing a huge right hand behind it.  His one-twos are a thing of beauty, but "Stealth" lived up to his nickname by successfully evading them and getting the takedowns.  It was on the ground where Khawaja shined and he was able to keep Davis on his back for most of the first and second rounds.  In the third round Davis picked up the pace and was able to keep the fight standing more, which resulted in the draw.  Afterwards, as the crowd booed the decision, Davis came back into the cage and told the fans that he will be happy to give Ali a rematch, which is one fight you will not want to miss.

The event was sponsored in part by the New Jersey National Guard.  The Guard was made proud by their Combat Team fighter Michael "Fatboy" Miesch, who put on a great performance and ended his opponent's night early.  Miesch was cornered by other National Guardsmen, including my good friend Major John Lapidow, who is a beast inside the cage himself and is obviously a great trainer.  Job well done, men!

Overall, the event was a wild ride for the fans in attendance and those watching on GoFightLive, where you can check out the replays.  The next Asylum will be in January, and one thing I can already tell you is that the fights will be insane!

Here are some pics by one of MMA's finest photographers, Kevin Wuchter.  You can see the complete set at his website Final Round Photography.   Enjoy!







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