The Asylum Fight League is back with its 2011 season finale this Saturday, October 8th at the Asylum Arena located at 7 Ritner Street in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Promoter Carl Mascarenhas is working hard to ensure that this event is the biggest and best of the year.

“It’s exciting,” he said.  “It’s our season finale, so we really pulled out the stops.  We’ve got Michael Riley fighting Delroy McKoy.  We have guys trained by Deividas Taurosevicius, who fought at the WEC and Strikeforce.  We have some really bang up fights.  Our pro fights are going to be top notch.  Shedrick Goodridge’s going to be fighting James Frier, and Pat Dwyer’s going to be fighting Brian Pohlmeyer.  We have Marc  Stevens’ guys  fighting against Mike Constantino’s guys.  They’re all great camps and this is going to be a hell of a show.”

The Asylum Fight League has become a staple in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  They’ve lasted where others have failed, and the brand continues to grow.

“This is our 36th show in a very short period of time, two and half, three years,” Carl explained.  “The success of the Asylum isn’t just the promoter, it’s the team.  We actually care about each one of the fighters.  We want  them to progress to the next level.  When they get better and stronger, we as a company get better and stronger also.  We have original people who still work for us, and we have original people who still care about the whole entire process.   Our job is to not only showcase top notch fighters but to make it into a family event.”

The future also looks bright for the promotion, and Mascarenhas has got some big plans for next year.

“I’m excited about 2012,” he said.  “We’re going to be going out to Vegas as well as continuing on with Atlantic City and continuing on with Philadelphia.  We’ve even looked at six or seven venues in Miami.  2012 is exciting, and we’re also working on a TV deal.  I can tell you that much about it.  That’s just footsteps away from becoming concrete.”

Right now, however, the focus is on October 8th.  This is one show fans won’t want to miss.

“This is our last show for the year, and it’s going to be a hell of show,” Carl said. “I really don’t want people to miss it.  2012’s going to be our big show year, but this is our last fight for 2011 and it’s going to be a hell of a show!”

For fans who can’t make it to the venue, the event will be broadcast live and free on GFL.tv.

As always, I will be hosting the show from inside the cage, so be there!



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