While the pros were battling it out at UFC 91 on Saturday night, amateurs showed their stuff in the cage at Battle at the Abyss.  I was doing the ring announcing for the show and I can tell you that the crowd was rocking. Some of the fights were between Team Tiger Shulman and Team Carmine Zocchi and all the fighters fought their hearts out.  There were plenty of KOs and submissions and everyone had a great time. I will be doing more AFL shows in December, including one that's being held for our men and women in uniform at Fort Dix.  So stay tuned for that. And check out the Asylum Fight League website.  AsylumFightLeague.com You can see complete results from Battle at the Abyss after the jump. 132.4 George Siderius win guillotine 0:34 round one over 133.6 Chris Paulo Referee Donnie Carolei 148 Andy Main win KO punch 0:10 round one over 145 Robert Flores ***Robert Flores suspended 30 days*** Referee Donnie Carolei 130.6 Billy Magliane win armbar 0:41 round two over 130.4 Mike Serrano Referee Keith Peterson 146.2 Ray Brady win TKO 3:00 round one over 148.2 Ronnie Torres Referee Keith Peterson 186.8 Manny Cuevas win VonFlue choke 1:12 round two over 181.4 Justin Hoffmaster ***Justin Hoffmaster suspended 30 days*** Referee Donnie Carolei 144.6 Claudio Ledesma win rear naked choke 0:49 round three over 149.2 Mike Hanuschik Referee Donnie Carolei 165.8 Jason Lee win unanimous decision three rounds 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 over 159 Mike Clayton Referee Keith Peterson 158.8 Piotr Andrejko win unanimous decision three rounds 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 over 154 Andrew Fernandez Referee Donnie Carolei 139.2 Julio Arce win rear naked choke 1:45 round two over 138.8 Doug Miller Referee Keith Peterson 147.8 Craig Alexander win triangle 2:13 round one 149.2 Ian Morgan Referee Keith Peterson 158 Homer Uzquiano win armbar 1:45 round two over 159 Mike Stripling Referee Keith Peterson 188.6 Anthony Arroyo majority draw three rounds 28-28, 28-28, 30-26 Speece with 185.8 Marc Speece Referee Donnie Carolei 228 Lewis Rumsey win armbar 1:01 round one over 240.4 Sevdai Ahmeti Referee Donnie Carolei 206.2 Allen Homan win KO punch at 0:14 round one over 204.6 Andrew Espling Referee Donnie Carolei 190 Tajuddin Abdul Hakim win unanimous decision three round 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 over 184 Kyle Wright Referee Donnie Carolei 174.6 Adam Rosello win kneebar 2:14 round one over 173.6 Dennis Martinez Referee Donnie Carolei 152.2 Mervyn Rodriguez win unanimous decision three rounds 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 over 154 Danny Carbonel Referee Keith Peterson Ringside Physicians Dr. Michael Kelly and Dr. Ed Eaton Referees Donnie Carolei and Keith Peterson Judges Tom Velasquez, Jordan Bass and Rick Farmer Timekeeper Julius Proenza Scorekeeper Ellen Rubin Inspectors Wayne Spinlola, Michael Rutch and David Braslow


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