Attention New Jersey fight fans. The Asylum Fight League presents Battle at the Abyss tomorrow. It's an amateur event and features some great up and coming fighters. It's being held at Club Abyss in Sayreville, NJ. And yes, TheGARV will be doing the ring announcing. So come on out. You can check out for details. Complete card after the jump.
Chris Paulo Bloomsburg MMA 0-0 Lightweight (130-134.9 lbs.) 0-0 George Siderius TSMMA
2 Andy Main AMA Mike Constantino 0-1 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 0-0 Robert Flores Legacy Martial Arts Sam Stern
3 Billy Magliane Bloomsburg MMA 0-0 Super Featherweight (126-129.9 lbs.) 0-0 Mike Serran Dragon Theory MMA
4 Ronnie Torres Dungeon Fight Club Andre Soares Pawel Wolak Steve Carrol 1-1 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 1-0 Ray Brady TSMMA
5 Manny Cuevas Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Justin Hoffmaster Drago MMA
6 Matt Barth Bloomsburg MMA 0-1 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Bruce Drago Drago MMA
7 Doug Miller Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Super Lightweight (135-139.9 lbs.) 3-0 Julio Arce TSMMA
8 Chris "Drama' Devine Rhino Fight Team 1-0 Middleweight (154-159.9 lbs.) 0-0 Andrew Fernandez Elite MMA Chris Brough
9 Dennis Martinez Team Carmine Zocchi 1-1 Light Heavyweight (167-174.9 lbs.) 1-1 Adam Rosello TSMMA
10 Mike Hanuschik Viper Wrestling 0-0 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 0-0 Claudio Ledesma Renzo Gracie Denville
11 Ian Moran Team Carmine Zocchi 0-0 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 5-0 Craig Alexander TSMMA
12 Homer Uzquiano Team Carmine Zocchi 2-1 Middleweight (154-159.9 lbs.) Mike Stripling Dragon Theory MMA
13 Anthony Arroyo Viper Wrestling 0-1 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Marc Speece Drago MMA
14 Shane Dever Team Carmine Zocchi 1-2 Super Heavyweight (210-249.9 lbs.) 1-0 Sevdai Ahmeti TSMMA
15 Andrew Espling Jersey Shore MMA/Rhino Fight Team 0-0 Welterweight (140-146.9 lbs.) 0-1 Allen Homan Drago MMA
16 Trever Banley NY Miletich 0-0 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 0-0 Piotr Andrejko Renzo Gracie Denville
17 Andrew Widdersheim Team Vicious 0-0 Light Heavyweight (167-174.9 lbs.) 0-0 Christian Dehaas BJJ/Judo Roberto Artista
18 Tajuddin Hakim Team Carmine Zocchi 2-0 Cruiserweight (183-189.9 lbs.) 0-0 Kyle Moore Team Vicious
19 Jason Lee Team Carmine Zocchi 3-0 Super Middleweight (160-166.9 lbs.) 0-0 Mike Clayton Dragon Theory MMA
20 Mervin Rodriguez Rhino Fight Team 4-2 Super Welterweight (147-153.9 lbs.) 3-1 Danny Carbonel Team End Game


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