I am about to head down to Edison, NJ now where I will be ring announcing the Asylum Fight League's 24th show.  Tonight there are two titles on the line and foru undefeated fighters looking to retain or become champion.

In the 167 pound division, two undefeated fighters are clashing for the strap.  Current title holder Noah Faunce out of Long Island will look to remain champion against New Jersey's Pete Burdge who trains with the Pelligrino camp.  That fight alone is worth the price of admission.

In the 140 pound division, two more undefeated prospects will battle for the belt.  Julio Arce and Chris Wright will be mixing it up to see who leaves the cage with the title.

I am very excited about this card and can't wait for the action to begin.  Check out AsylumFightLeague.com for ticket info.

If you can't make the show live, it might be airing live on GoFightLive.tv.  It will be free, so check it out.  The broadcast depends on whether they can get a signal at the venue.

After the jump, check out the full card

Abel Ekonomakos
Tiger Schulmann's
1-0 139.9 0-1 Alex Bruzzese
Renzo Denville
Bryan Tapper
Tiger Schulmann's
1-0 144 lbs. 1-4-1 Kenneth Rivera
Rhino NY
Trever Baney
Serra Longo
1-0 150 lbs. 4-3 Danny Carbonel
LA Boxing
Wesley Carvalho
Gold Team
2-1 169 lbs. 5-2 James Jenkins
Combat Academy NY
James "Jimbo" Hoffman
Team Vendetta
2-0 153.9 2-0 Mike Riley
Taurus MMA
Delroy McKoy
Camp Undefeated
0-0 153.9 0-0 Bryan Natoli
Taurus MMA
Adam Penberthy
Tristate MMA
1-1 166.9 0-0 Darren Goodell
LA Boxing
Noah Faunce
Combat Academy NY
7-0 166.9
4-0 Pete Burdge
Pellegrino MMA
Mike Fischetti
Tiger Schulmann's
3-0 174.9 4-2 James Funaro
Vamos BJJ
Bobbie Weiser
Victor's Mixed Martial Arts
0-1 174.9 0-0 Dan Arthur
North NJ MMA
Scott Traskey
Mohawk Valley MMA
1-0 174.9 2-1 Villi Bello
Cilio Robiero Jr.
Gold Team Fighters
1-2 174.9 2-3 Justin Incera
Chamber MMA
LeVar Curry
NJ National Guard Combat Club
1-0 249.9 0-0 James Turner
Combat Academy NY
Chris Wright
Knoxville Martial Arts
5-0 139.9
7-0 Julio Arce
Tiger Schulmann's


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