Wow, what a night of fights!  You never could have guessed that the fighters at AFL 24 last night were amateurs.  These guys fought their hearts out and left everything in cage.  In fact one fighter, James Funaro from Long Island, left so much in the cage that it took ten minutes for the staff to clean up the blood.

James was in an absolute war with Iron Mike Fischetti.  Iron Mike apparently broke Funaro's nose in the first round.  Funaro was not fazed, however, and continue battling but the blood was too much and referee Tom Velaquez stopped the bout. Fischetti has been dominant in his amateur career and he was absolutely beastly last night.  He's a kid who is going places.

In the two title fights, both Noah Faunce and Julio Arce showed why they are true champions.

Faunce fought the very tough and talented Pistol Pete Burdge for the vacant AFL 170 pound title.   Burdge held his own, but it appeared that Faunce was just a little too big and strong for him and won the decision.  Not surprising since Noah also holds the AFL 205 and 185 titles as well.

Faunce is the first and as far as I know only fighter to ever do that.  He is the reigning champion now in three weight division.  This kid has star power and I expect that he will be turning pro soon.

The main event featured another undefeated AFL champion, Julio Arce, in a tough fight with an undefeated fighter from Tennessee, Chris Wright.  Carl Mascarenhas, the AFL promoter, told the crowd that he was having so much trouble finding a local guy to fight Arce,  he had to import one.

Wright fought tough and the fight was close at first, but by the third round things were going very well for Arce.  He won a unanimous decision and continues on as AFL champion.  It's always fun to watch Arce fight and he's another fighter with a very bright future.

Now I know what you're thinking:  What does all this have to do with cheeseburgers?  Hold on, I'm getting to that part.

Last night's event featured the return of one of MMA's finest ringside physcians, Dr. Michael Kelly, who has been sorely missed at the fights.  Readers of this site know that Dr. Kelly, in addition to tending to fighters, is the author of the definitive book about Dim Mak.  It was this book that earned him the nickname Dr. Death Touch.

Well, last night he earned a brand new nickname.

We were all so happy to see him back that we did something a little special.  Dr. Kelly's fellow ringside physician, Dr. Sherry "High Heels" Wulkan, brought a bagful of Dr. Kelly's favorite food: McDonald's cheeseburgers.  And when I say she brought a bag, I mean a big bag.  Forty two cheeseburgers in fact.

Then Nick "Luscious" Lembo, Dr. Wulkan and I all conspired to come up with a way to present the cheeseburgers to Dr. Kelly.  This resulted in me calling the good doctor into the cage and thrusting the sack of burgers on him in front of the crowd.

Hilarity ensued, of course.   And as a result, for now and forever, Dr. Death Touch will also be known as Dr. Cheeseburger.

And again I know what you're thinking:  What's this business about high heels?

Well, that's a whole nother story, as they say.  And I'm going to make you wait until the next Asylum show in February before I reveal the rest of it.

Also, before I go, I just want to thank Carl, Nick and the rest of unsung heroes who make working MMA in New Jersey so much fun.

See you all in February!



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