Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste is by far the most popular Octagon Girl the UFC has ever had. We present her here in all her glory.  Okay, maybe not all her'll have to buy her issue of Playboy Magazine for that.  But most of her glory.  And that's good enough!



If 2012really is going to be the end of the world, at least we're going out with a bang.  Arianny Celeste has a calendar coming out and the months won't fly by fast enough if these sample pics are any indication.  Arianny is the GOAT when it comes to UFC ring girls, and these pics show why. Enjoy!


Round 5 has released an Arianny Celeste figurine, so now you can have Arianny all to yourself on UFC nights.  The big question is: does it sing?  While this is not a "Real Doll" version of the popular Octagon Girl/Playboy Playmate, it's still a nifty little trinket to have around the house.

Arianny Celeste is the most popular Octagon girl ever and her star is continually rising.  She's appeared in Playboy Magazine, Maxim and Sports Illustrated, and now she's set her sights on something even bigger: the Billboard charts.

Here is Arianny with a sneak preview of her first single, Fight to Love Me.

Thank you Twitter!  More after the jump.

The beautiful Miss Arianny Celeste has a secret that she is revealing on a Christmas cake she baked herself.  I am very touched and flattered, because the secret message actually pertains to me personally.  So I am proud to present it to all of you.  Here it is:

Go ahead and see if you can figure out the secret message for yourselves.  Hint:  it's below  the "Merry X-mas."

Give up?

Okay then, I will tell you.  The GFY means Garv, Forever Yours.

Thanks, Arianny!  See you under the cameltoe, I mean mistletoe!

Arianny Celeste may have graced the pages of Playboy first, but Dana White and some of his top fighters and right behind her.  They're doing a Playboy photo shoot to show how rugged guys can look in fashionable clothing.  In this pic we see Ryan Bader, Junior Dos Santos, Dana White, Vitor Belfort, Stephan Bonnar and Jon Jones.

Playboy is not really the magazine I think of first when desiring to see buff guys in clothes, but with the popularity of the UFC soaring I guess Hugh Hefner decided that having these guys strut their stuff in the pages of the venerable skin rag would be good for business.  Hey, it could be worse.  Remember that nude pic of Frank Trigg that made the rounds a few years ago?

Let's just hope that these fashion icons make sure to leave it all on and that Arianny continues to take it all off.   Otherwise things are going to get really, you know, confusing.

Arianny Celeste dons her gay apparal just for you in this TapoutVTC behind the scenes photo shoot.  The ubiquitous Miss Celeste is, well, ubiquitous. She's in Playboy, she's the UFC's number 1 Octagon Girl, and she's's biggest fan.  Or a big fan, anyway.  Ok, fine, she's at least heard of us, ok?  That much I can say without being sued.  Happy now?

Here are the pics.

Randy Couture talked recently with ESPN radio's Paul Howard and spoke of many things, including the very real possibility of retiring from the sport and pursuing his acting career.  He said he's 47 and feels great, but doesn't see himself making another title run.

When the topic of Arianny Celeste's Playboy shoot came up, Randy said that he didn't see the pictures and prefers not to.  When pressed for a reason why, Couture said that he has appeared with Arianny many times and just prefers not to see her in her birthday suit, athough he did acknowledge hearing about it from many people.  Well, just in case no one mentioned this fact to him, I will:  Randy, they may not be real, but they are spectacular!

You can listen to the segment for yourself after the jump.  Oh yeah, some pics of Arianny too.

As first reported by Dana White in an interview with, UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste will be appearing in the November issue of Playboy Magazine.  A lot of people have been anticipating the day she graced the cover for quite some time now and it looks like the time is finally here.


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