Nate Marquardt had hoped that a victory over Rick Story in their scheduled bout tonight would put him in line for a shot at the UFC welterweight title, but his dreams, and his UFC career have both been shattered due to failing his medicals at yesterday's weigh-ins.  Immediately following Marquardt getting scratched from the card, UFC president Dana White scratched him from the organization.  At this time it is unknown what exactly caused Nate to fail his medicals, but judging by Dana's reaction, it was something that likely could have been avoided.  Dana was not happy, to say the least.

Fortunately, Charlie "The Spaniard" Brennerman of the AMA Fight Club in New Jersey, was on hand and at weight, and he'll be fighting Story in place of Marquardt. This is a big opportunity for Charlie, and we're sure he'll make the most of it in a very tough fight.  The Pat Barry vs. Cheick Kongo fight moves up to main event status now, with Story vs. Brennerman as the co-main.

As more info becomes available on the Nate Marquardt situation, we'll bring it to you.















Friday, June 24

ShoWare Center – Kent, Wash.

Live on SHOWTIME at 11 p.m. ET/PT (Delayed on West Coast)


SAN JOSE, Calif. – STRIKEFORCE® has confirmed the remaining fights for its STRIKEFORCE Challengers event taking place this Friday at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Wash. In the main event, Kirkland, Washington’s Caros “The Future” Fodor goes head-to-head with dangerous lightweight James Terry. Also featured on the card is Ryan Couture, son of UFC® Hall of Famer Randy Couture, who meets undefeated Matt Ricehouse in 155-pound action.  Additionally, Germaine de Randamie will meet Julia Budd in an exciting women’s 145-pound bout.

Your hear this everywhere you go: "Just heard about this new diet, it really works." Everyone gets excited, they don't eat carbs for two weeks, lose some weight. Eventually, put it back on, plus more, in a matter of weeks.

That has changed as pro MMA fighter and nutritionist Mike Dolce has created not just a diet plan but a way of living life, and I'm loving every second of it.

Dolce, a man who has been into nutrition his whole life, had started helping MMA fighters that struggle to reach their respective weights. Word got out quickly that this diet plan really works. Not only were the fighters making weight with no problem, but their performances in the cage were improving as well. Mike's phone started ringing off the hook with fighters from all over the country seeking his assistance with their nutritional programs.Now "The Dolce Diet" is a well known brand and it is offered to everyone. Whether you are a fighter or someone just looking to better their life and feel great about themselves, you are able to get ahold of Mike's diet program.

In his book, "The Dolce Diet", Mike goes into a day by day detailed look on how he lost over 40 lbs to make weight for a fight over a couple week period. He also talks about what foods to eat, what not to eat, when to have cheat meals, the importance of water, planning meals, and eating frequently but being proportioned. I have purchased the Dolce Diet book. I thought I knew how to lose weight correctly before I read this material. Boy, was I wrong. I was already in shape and lost about 8 pounds on my own. Got the book and started following the Dolce plan. I went from 192 to 176 in 16 days ! I made weight for my Jiu-Jitsu tournament and felt great grappling, didn't have that slugish feeling that I have had in the past. It felt great to be that light again, loved having endless amount of energy, liked the way my body looked and I was just overall happier.

After the tournaments, I was afraid I could fall back into bad eating habits. I do eat a little more now but all healthy food and hold my weight between 183-185. It should be an even easier cut the next time a competition comes up.

If you still don't believe in this diet program, you can ask Mike Dolce yourself, yes yourself. You can personally ask Mike any question's on his twitter account, @TheDolceDiet. Dolce is very active on his Twitter page and is always answering all sorts of questions. I have become quite friendly with Mike on Twitter.  He's a great guy and really knows how to stay positive and encourage people to reach their goals. Mike always asks how my progress is going and it's just cool that I can talk to the man who wrote this book at almost anytime of the day.

"The Dolce Diet" helping people lose weight and live longer !

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On June 10th, Score Fighting Series made its MMA promotional debut inside Mississauga’s Hershey Centre. This marked the first time that a regional promotion put on an MMA show within Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area. Recognizable faces of the industry were present in attendance, and included referees Yves Lavigne and Josh Rosenthal, as well as former Pride FC and Strikeforce commentator Mauro Ranallo. The fight card itself was a star-studded affair and featured former UFC veterans Joe Doerksen and Thierry Sokoudjou, and former DREAM Grand Prix winner Marius Zaromskis. The card also featured Jordan Mein, a young but fast-rising prospect who managed to defeat Zaromskis by decision in the main event. Also complementing the card was a bevy of local talent including Adrian Wooley, Jorge Britto, and Antonio Carvalho.

The quality of the production, the location of the venue, and the fact that the event was broadcast on The Score Television Network, as well as streamed online, speaks towards the increasing rise in popularity of Mixed Martial Arts within Ontario. While anyone could have guessed that the UFC would have easily sold out the Rogers Centre, regional promotions have not yet made any great inroads towards establishing a name for themselves within the province, where MMA has only recently been legalized. If its inaugural event is of any indication, then Score Fighting Series possesses all the necessary tools needed to become an entertaining and meaningful MMA promotion within Ontario. Armed with its own television network and the ability to reach out to local fighters and established veterans alike, fans will hopefully have more local shows to look forwards to in the near future. It is smaller promotions (relative to the UFC) such as Score Fighting Series that will truly help drive the MMA scene in Ontario. Now that fighters no longer need to travel out of the province to add to their resume, regional promotions will play an important role in developing local talent into potential stars.

Here are the complete results:

Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz do not like each other.  And on July 2, they will have a chance to express their dislike by beating the crap out of one another.  On Tuesday's UFC conference call, both men talked about how they feel going into the fight with an opponent that they dislike.

Urijah Faber:


I’ve never been an emotional fighter, but that’s because I usually feel kind of indifferent or like the guy I’m fighting.  But in a real situation if I were to fight, the only reason I’d fight is if I don’t like somebody, so it really makes it easier.


I’m sure we’ll shake hands and get on.  Beating the crap out of each other is pretty good therapy.


Dominick Cruz:


I do a pretty good job of not making it emotional in my brain.  I’m not real fond of Faber but at the same time, once  I get in a fight I fight just as hard with somebody I don’t like as somebody I have no problem with.  Once I get in there it’s not a big deal.  I just go in there and do my job and just beat the crap out of whoever’s in the cage with me.


The way I feel about it is, once you fight somebody, it is what it is.  You kinda get in a moment when you’re in a fight.  You find out a lot about each other when you get in a fight.  We’ll see how the fight goes.   I feel like that’s one of those things you just take in stride.  At the end of the fight, we’ll see how each other will look.  We’ll see if each other can walk, we’ll see if each other can talk.  I’m just gonna take it in stride.


The UFC is coming to Pittsburgh, PA this weekend and will be free on the Versus network.  The event is slotted not on its usual day though, the televised portion will start this SUNDAY beginning at 9 pm.  This card has action written all over it from the first prelim to the main event.

In the main event, veteran Nate "The Great" Marquardt looks to slow down the pace of Rick "The Horror" Story.  Story has been on a run as of late winning his last six fights in the UFC.  Notably his last fight, he won in total dominating fashion over top welterweight Thiago Alves back at UFC 130.  The Horror took this fight vs. Marquardt on short notice after welterweight contender Anthony Johnson pulled out due to injury.  This gives Story a great chance to shoot right to the top of the division and he could be one or two wins a way from a title shot.  Nate Marquardt is on a one fight win streak, winning an unanimous decision over New Jersey's Dan Miller at UFC 130.  Nate hasn't lived up to his hype, showing flashes of greatness but struggling with powerful opponents.  Chael Sonnen and Yushin Okami dominated Marquardt in their #1 contender bouts, making Nate drop down to the welterweight division.  I feel Story is a bad match up for the veteran Marquardt.  Story has a good striking game and he mixes it up well with his takedowns, something I dont think "The Great" will be able to stop.  Nate has to keep his distance and strike Rick as he tries to punch his way in for the takedown.  That will be difficult to do as I predict as victory for "The Horror".

Prediction - Rick Story wins via Unanimous decision.

Wanderlei Silva is looking forward to fighting Chris Leben on July 2nd because he feels that Leben will acutally fight him, not run in circles around the Octagon. Silva is coming off a win against Michael Bisping, but has been out for over a year healing up from knee surgery. He's anxious to get back inside the Octagon in a fight that, based on styles, has a great chance of being Fight of the Night.

Wanderlei talked about the fight and his training camp on yesterday's UFC conference call. Here are some of the best quotes:


This fight’s really important for me. I’ve been out and I had a hard year for me. I’ve been training hard for the fight. And finally I am going to fight somebody who is going to fight me, because my other opponents run. Some guys stay in front of me for a couple minutes and they start to run. I think [Leben] is going to come to fight. I think we’re probably going to have a great show on July 2nd.


This is not so easy because I am a competitive guy. I like to be inside the Octagon and I fight all my life. I had a really tough year. But I have unbelievable support from my fans. My fans send me messages every day. And for that I really want to give you a good show…I want to show the real and the best Wanderlei Silva in that fight.


On training at Raphael Cordeiro's Kings MMA:


They have a great camp there. I train with Babalu and with Shogun, man, it’s so tough. These guys, sorry for the word, but kick my ass every day. But it makes me stronger. I’m ready for all inside that Octagon for this fight. Standup, ground, takedowns. And my cardio is really good right now. I’ve had one of the best camps of my life.


On what's next after Leben:


Everyone wants to fight for the belt, for the champion…I want to fight for the belt. But I can’t talk about that right now. I’ve been out for one year. I’m going to be fighting a great fighter right now.


On July 2nd at UFC 132 Chris Leben takes on MMA legend Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva in a fight that is sure to be explosive.  Leben is coming off a loss to Brian Stann and knows the importance of getting back in the win column.  On today's UFC conference call, Leben talked about how much easier it is to get motivated for the likes of Wanderlei as compared to Stann, and gives his reasons for why he lost to Brian.


Fighting Wanderlei it’s a little easier for me to train a little harder. There’s nothing more motivating than a loss.  I went out and had a bad performance and that’s due to mistakes I made.  It makes me want to correct those things and let everybody know, hey, I’m better than what they saw.  I’ve had my ups and downs for sure.  With the Brian Stann fight it left a shitty taste and I want to go out and get back on the winning side of things.  There nothing bigger than a win over Wanderlei.  That’s huge.


I’ve had a lot of fights and I should have known better but I think I just got a little comfortable.  I was feeling really good after my three fight win streak.  I was feeling good and I underestimated Brian Stann a little bit.  I think the biggest thing that got affected actually was my diet.   I came in just a little bit too heavy, and I cut too much weight.  This time, I’ll be honest, I’m excited to fight Wanderlei.  And a little scared at the same time too.  I think for me that’s definitely a very motivating and driving emotion.  I’m really focusing a lot harder on my diet, and when I’m in the gym I’m in the gym 110 percent.  I’m listening to my coaches and I’m putting everything in because I want to go out and I want to win this fight.  Regardless of whether I win lose or draw I want to go out and at least put on a fantastic show for the fans.  So for me the biggest thing is, I’m waking up at the same time, I’m going to bed at the same time.  I’m eating a bunch of crappy food that’s good for me.  I’m doing the right things.  I’m doing all the stuff I’m supposed to.


Gian Villante always knew he was going to be a professional athlete, but he didn't know what sport it was going to be. In high school, Gian received the best football player in Nassau county award and best linebacker honors his senior year. Villante went on to win the state championship in wrestling and placed 5th in a the nation, all in the same year. This easily got him a scholarship to Long Island's Hofstra University, where the Levittown native excelled in both sports but specifically in football. In 2007, Gian entered the NFL draft but was not picked up by any teams. A little bitter and not wanting to be a "floater" in the league, he decided to take up an offer from former teammates and friends Dom Stanco and Chris Schlesinger.

Dom and Chris are professional MMA fighters, wrestled at Hofstra and also wrestled at MacArthur high school where Villante attended school. They asked him to come down to their training facility, meet the coaches and see how he likes this whole MMA thing. Obviously, Gian was a natural at the sport, with his wrestling background really helping him out. Working with premiere kickboxing and MMA trainer Keith Trimble at nearby Bellmore Kickboxing, Villante started working his stand up game and adapted quickly.

Villante went professional right away, earning at :35 second TKO victory in his very first fight. Since that fight he has built up (7-2) record, holds two belts in two different weight classes and is considered one the best young MMA prospects in the sport. The champ then got the call to be an alternate in Strikeforce's Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament vs. Chad Griggs. Gian fell short in this fight, coming off his game plan and getting caught up in a brawl. Villante now looks to bounce back from his first real loss (his other loss was from injury) as he faces undefeated and top young prospect Lorenz "The Monsoon" Larkin.


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