Matt "The Hammer" Hamill is hanging up the MMA gloves, according to a report by  The article's author, Paul Daugherty is no fan of MMA, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.  From his blog today:

Local UFC  man made good, Matt Hamill, Loveland HS grad, is going to retire. That’s a good and wise move, given he has lost his last 2 fights. The one Saturday night was especially horrific. Matt was taken down in the 2nd period and blasted repeatedly in the face and head. By the time the ref stopped the bout, Matt was defenseless. I know lots of people enjoy this sport. But when a guy you know is getting brutalized, it’s absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Matt will be OK. He has a gym in Utica, NY, is part owner of a new sports bar, I believe, and has had a movie done on his life.

I’m very glad he’s done with ultimate fighting. No disrespect to those who practice it and follow it, but it’s way over the top brutal and, to me, senseless.


I'm sure Matt Hamill would disagree about the senselessness of MMA.  He is a world class athlete who has competed at the highest level of the sport.  We here at wish Matt much success and happiness in retirement.

Reality Fighting: Battle at the Beach took place yesterday in Wildwood, NJ.  Here are the official results.

The Maximum Fighting Championship unleashes a potent lineup for its next event – MFC 31: The Rundown to be held on Friday, October 7 at the Mayfield Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

Holding down main-event status for the HDNet Fights televised live card will be a showdown for the MFC light-heavyweight title as reigning champ Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo puts his belt and a 15-fight winning streak on the line against the MFC’s newest addition, “The African Assassin” Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. The HDNet fights live broadcast will begin at 10 p.m. ET/8 p.m.MT/7 p.m.PT.

Tickets for MFC 31: The Rundown are on sale now and available exclusively through the MFC Ticket Hotline at (780) 504-2024.

Michael Bisping is getting sick and tired of hearing about all these fighters and their low testosterone problems.  Bisping feels that fighters are "alpha males" and shouldn't have those kinds of problems and no one is getting any sympathy from the fiery Brit.  In fact, they are getting scorched on his Twitter account.  Here are a couple of pearls of wisdom from The Count about TRT:

fighters on TRT are fucking cheats. Low testosterone levels my ass! If you have, thats cos you were juicing in the past, cheating bastards!!


with high levels of testosterone, its just a clever way of cheating. Everyday there seems to be a new story of a figher on it. BULLSHIT!

steroid use reduces your natural levels of testosterone, so if fighters need TRT ,its because there ass was like a pin cushion in the past!


Damn, if I didn't know better, I'd say that Bisping has got some roid rage.  Then again, in the case he does.  Rage against the machines that use TRT, while the real men go with what they've got.  You tell 'em, Count!

Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia wants back in the big show.  He'd heard Dana White talking about the Nate Marquardt situation, where Dana said that he's all about giving people second chances.  On his Twitter account, Sylvia wrote:


I heard u say in a interview that everybody makes mistakes and u will give anybody a 2 chance. Well I would love one.


Tim is a still a solid heavyweight fighter.  He ticked off 4 straight wins after his shocking KO loss to Ray Mercer, but he got blown out in his last fight, losing to Abe Wagner by first round KO back in January.  So it appears that getting back into the Octagon is going to entail more than just Dana White's forgiveness.  Big Tim is going to have to look good, get some wins and earn his way back in.

Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins is a legend in the sport of boxing and he's got quite a few UFC fighters as fans.  As these pics show, Tito Ortiz, Vitor Belfort and Rashad Evans all took time out to have their pics taken with B-Hop.  Vitor is known as one of MMA's best punchers, but even he would benefit by having some ring time with Hopkins.  It's all about the execution!

Excellent article by Steve Siniski of the Bellmore Herald about the rise of Long Island fighters.  If only Albany can get their act together and legalize MMA, then these local guys could fight in their hometowns.

** **

By Steve Siniski:

Windows of opportunity remain open for varying lengths of time, depending on one’s career path. For a mixed martial artist, that time frame often lasts no more than 12 minutes — and it can be far less depending on the outcome of a three-round bout whose potential end can happen via not only by knockout but a variety of submissions. Simply put, it doesn’t leave fighters much time to leave a lasting impression on judges.

Suffice to say that Freeport’s Eddie “Truck” Gordon, along with Al Iaquinta and James Jenkins, all of whom fight for the Matt Serra-Ray Longo team made good use of their time in the Octagon at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City last month. Each came out on top in three-round decisions at Bellmore resident Louis Neglia’s Ring of Combat XXXVI. To date, the promotion has pushed 61 fighters to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the latest being Baldwin’s Chris Weidman in March.

“The Ring of Combat is a great opportunity for a lot of people to see you,” Jenkins said after his third professional fight, all of which are victories. “No show gets talked about like [Neglia’s].”


Cage Wars 8 took place down in Atlantic City, New Jersey last night, and the official results are in.  Here's a quick look.

This Saturday, July 30th, 201, "The Good Fight" brings BJJ and NoGi grappling to The Sports Arena  in St. James on Long Island.  Long Island's Top MMA/BJJ schools will be looking to lock it up and see what academy is on top of its game!

The New York Summer Classic has kids, teens and adult classes. Each class has different divisions ranging in experience to make sure each bracket is on an equal playing field (mat). This event also includes Gi division's, which you can enter accordingly based to your belt rank.

Sandbagger's beware! Lying about years of experience, wrestling background or level you really are will be pointed out, and probably be disqualified from the event. Challenge yourself! Facing a great jiu-jitsu practitioner is much more valuable than destroying everyone and winning a bracket you shouldn't be in. No need for cowboys in BJJ.

This should be a great afternoon on the island, I look forward to seeing the results of the tournament and seeing how my fellow teammates and friends do. Good Luck Everyone, GO GET 'EM!

For more information click the link below;



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