Anthony "Rotund" Johnson usually fights at 170 pounds, and although he's been making weight there, he came in 12 pounds over the 185 pound middleweight limit today, a day ahead of his UFC 142 fight with Vitor Belfort.  12 pounds?  That's not even in the ballpark.  The fight will still happen, however, with Vitor agreeing to the bout and Johnson forfeiting a chunk of his purse.

Johnson weighed in at 197 pounds--after a weight cut--and Vitor insisted that he'll have to weigh less than 205 pounds tomorrow.  If he fails to come in at 205 or less (this is a MW bout, remember), there's a good chance this fight will be scrapped.

Dana White was not happy at the weigh ins, and it remains to be seen how this weight snafu will affect Rumble.  Dana's had a hair-trigger lately (minus the hair, of course) so who knows how he'll respond to this, especially if Johnson is over 205 tomorrow night.

Not sure what happened with Rumble's weight cut, but if he wants to remain on the UFC roster, he needs to get a grip on the number line.  Twelve pounds is as unacceptable as it is dumb, and there is really no excuse.  Hopefully the fight will happen as scheduled tomorrow and Johnson won't have any more weighty issues to burden his fight career.




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