Anthony "Rumble" Johnson made weight, 204 pounds, for his middleweight (185 pound limit) fight with Vitor Belfort tonight. Yes, you read that right.  Yesterday before the weigh ins, while Rumble was cutting weight to make the 185 pound limit, he lost feeling and movement in his legs, which prompted the UFC doctor to order him to hydrate.

At the official weigh ins last night, Johnson came in 12 pounds over, at 197 pounds, which almost torpedoed the fight.  Vitor agreed to allow Johnson to come in heavy--gaining a hefty piece of Rumble's purse in the bargain--but stipulated that Johnson must not weigh more than 205 on fight day.  Johnson and the UFC agreed, and Johnson came in at 204 this morning at a special weigh in.  So the fight is a go, but we'll have to wait and see if Rumble's tough cut will affect his performance in the cage, and also what kind of hot water he's in with the UFC for causing all this drama.





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