Mike Geurin is a complete fighter, undefeated in his MMA career.  He's got great wrestling credentials and can stand and bang.  He fought 3 times in 2009 and knocked out the very tough Plinio Cruz, a fighter who beat Jay Silva before Silva got the call up to the UFC.

I read a great article about Mike by Derek Constanble on FCFighter.com.  Check it out.

Success in life is promised to no one and the road to fame and fortune in professional sports is just as uncertain. It takes hard work to get to the top in any profession but while aspiring athletes in this country can often look forward to a league minimum salary of atleast six figures in sports like baseball, football and basketball -- in mixed martial arts fighters are lucky to make a few thousand their first year in the cage.

Fighters in MMA are considered pros the first time they step in a cage and accept a paycheck, so while the cream of the crop in MMA are making anywhere between $10,000 and $500,000 a fight the majority of athletes trying to make it in this sport are holding down day jobs Monday to Friday and fighting as often as possible on the weekends for only a few hundred dollars.

Mike Geurin (6-0, 1 NC) is one of these weekend warriors -- a working class fighter with a 9-to-5 teaching high school health and physical education -- who also makes a living by competing as a mixed martial artist on the weekends when he can. He got his start in MMA later than most, taking his first fight at age 33, but after three years of combat in the cage he's yet to taste defeat and is fighting to earn a spot among the world's best middlweights.

"I asked my wife to give me two years [to follow this dream] and that was a year ago," he said. "When I asked her, I never thought it would spiral into this. That I'd be sitting here with seven or eight fights behind me, but it feels like I'm on this 'treadmill' and I'm not setting anymore deadlines or dates.. I'm just going to stay on that treadmill until I get off and I'm not going to think about an end at the moment."

A former All-American wrestler from Lockhaven University in Pennsylvania, Geurin is not your average gym teacher. He stand 6-foot-1 inches tall, runs more than five miles a day when he isn't teaching and in the afternoon when the bell rings he drives 90 minutes to Cortland, N.Y., from Tawanna, Pa., to spar with the Ultimate Fighting Championship's Jon Jones as well as a handful of other badasses from Team Bombsquad.

"It's very hard getting back and forth being a full-time teacher and a full-time dad, but my wife luckily lets me out once or twice a week," he said. "It's fun being a teacher whose ultimate goals are in physical education; taking care of the body, keeping a sound mind, both of which are key components for all professional athletes on some level. I run five to seven miles a day between classes as well as coach the wrestling team, but there isn't anyone I can work out with on a regular basis at home. So, I pack a snack, drive 90 minutes and spar with Pat Audinwood, Pat Bennett, Casey Lamb and Jon Jones when I can."

The time spent in Cortland has definitely paid off as more than half of Geurin's wins have come by KO or TKO. In June, he even ended a fight with a body shot in the third round.

"I got pretty great at wrestling by putting together my own style. There were a few things about the sport where I felt unstoppable, now I'm trying to develop those same kind of tools in my striking," said Geurin. "I'm getting there, but i dont know if I have any anything there that's unstoppable yet."

While he hasn't developed the repuation of a knockout artist, Geurin does hold a 6-0 record in the middlweight division with a pair of knockouts and plenty of first round finishes. He was predicted to be one of Dan Miller's toughest tests before he made it to the UFC but unfortunately that fight at Ring of Combat 18 ended in a no contest after an unintentional headbutt by Geurin opened a cut over the nose of Miller.

"I think about that fight a lot," said Geurin. "My life has changed a lot since then and that night marked the beginning of a series of events in my life that didn't go my way. Call them setbacks, bad luck ... I'm not calling him out but I would love to finish what we started."

In 2009, Geurin won all four of his fights convincingly, but outside the cage it definitely was not his year as he lost both a father and a son within weeks of each other.

"After the fight with Dan, I was expecting my second child and had a fight coming up Sept. 6 against Karn Gregorian but then my two month old son, Cade, passed away. Originally, the doctors had thought he had a tumor and an arithmia caused a heart attack, but we just got the autopsy back and it was determined to be a massive heart attack with no tumor. So they don't have any idea what happened," he explained. "It's really messing with my head right now, because I had closure with it being caused by a tumor and now it's like a freak of nature and I've got to accept it.'

He took time off after Cade passed away, missed a week and a half of school and work, a month of MMA training and seriously contemplated retiring from the fight game.

"That incident changed my life and I'm not the same person I was. I have the same goal -- to be the best I can be and to get to the big show --- but now I want to finish this journey in honor of my son Cade who passed away," he said.

On Feb. 6, Geurin is back in action fighting Roger Carroll (5-3) in his home state of Pennsylvania for Steve Blackman's PA Fighting Championship II. The event takes place in Harrisburg, the same spot Geurin won by first round submission at the last PFC on Nov. 6. As usual, his undefeated record is on the line, but Geurin isn't looking for any easy fights.

"I want to fight anybody that holds a belt, anybody with a winning record, anyone that's undefeated -- I'm not getting any younger, so what do I have to lose?" he said. "As much as I love fighting, I'm also a teacher, a father and a husband. I want to see my kids grow up, but first I have to finish what I started."



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