The American Mixed Martial Arts Fight League's MMA Fight Night 3 event turned into Fight Night 3 and Fight Day 3.5.  The show was interrupted this last Friday night when a car crashed into a power pole near the venue, causing a huge power outage in the area.  We were about halfway through when the outage happened, and the promoters huddled with PA officials before coming up with an ingenius plan: holding the second half of the card the next day, free.

This was a unique experience, and many of the fans did in fact return the next day.  On Friday night, the Newtown Athletic Club, where the fights were held, was jumping.  It was standing room only and loud as fans cheered on their favorite amateur fighters.  The second half of the show was filled with professional mixed martial artists, and all of the scheduled pro fights took place at 1PM on Saturday.  Of all the fights scheduled, only one, an amateur contest, had to be scrapped.  Not bad considering the unusual circumstances.

As for the event itself, it's clear that the AMMAFL is coming into its own.  As a ring announcer, it's always great to work in front of a big, enthusiastic crowd, and that's what we had at MMA Fight Night 3.  Not only was the crowd big, it was well informed.  They cheered the technical displays on the ground as well as the stand up action, and showed that they were truly knowledgable in all aspects of MMA.   Promoter Jim McCann, a martial artist himself, put on well matched fights, and the operation, even with the power outage, ran very smoothly.

In the main event, Chris "Redline" Wing worked hard against the very talented Jason Lee en route to a unanimous decision victory.  He looked great in controlling the action on the ground, and the crowd roared as the two men exchanged on the feet and on the ground.  Chris improved his record to 3-1, and is coming along very nicely in his pro career.  I've ring announced him in the amatuer ranks as well, and know that he's something special.  Definitely keep your eye on Chris "Redline" Wing!

The next MMA Fight Night is scheduled for December 3rd, and will also be held in Newtown.  Hopefully, we'll be able to keep the show contained to one night, but even if there's another bizarre situation, I know that Jim McCann, Patrick Byrne and the rest of the AMMAFL team will be able to handle it.  These guys are true pros, and they run a very professional promotion.  Well done, gentlemen!

If you missed the action, you can catch the replays live on  The night before the event, GFL replayed MMA Fight Night 2 and over 20,000 fans tuned in to watch.  Fight Night 3 will be sure to get even more hits than that as the AMMAFL brand continues to grow and solidify on the East Coast.

See you at the next event!



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