The American Mixed Martial Arts Fight League made a splash with its MMA Fight Night debut last October.  This Saturday June, 4th, they are back with Fight Night 2, which promises to be even bigger and better.  The event will take place at the Newtown Athletic Club, 209 Penns Trail Road, Newtwon, PA.

Promoter Jim McCann pulls out all the stops when putting on a show.  He likes to bring in VIP guests and tries to make the experience unique and memorable for fans.

“I want to put on a show, not just a fight,”  McCann explained.  “It’s an event where people can come and enjoy it.   It’s a great venue.  I had a lot of celebrity guests come in for the last show and we have more coming in for this one.   Jimmy Superfly  Snuka from the WWF, what a great guy.  He put on a great show for people.  We have Mike Jones, number 3 welterweight boxer in the world.  He’s right behind Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.  We’ve got Kurt Pellegrino coming.  When people  come to the show I want them asking ‘when’s the next show.’  That’s what it’s about.  I want them treated well and to feel they absolutely got their money’s worth.”

Of course, the fights are front and center at MMA Fight Night, and as a former fighter himself McCann can related to the athletes who fight for him.

“I look at the talent,” Jim said.  “You look at guys, at their heart and where they want to go, their dedication.  You want to give guys like that a shot and an opportunity to perform.”

Headlining the card are two very familiar names on the East Coast, with  Justin Haskins taking on George “Lights Out” Sheppard.  Both fighters are known for their courage and heart inside the cage, and both are crowd pleasers.

“It’s a great match up,” Jim said.  “I’m excited to see these guys go at it.”

And go at they will.  As will the rest of the fighters filling out the card.  They’ll be a mix of professional and amateur fights, but in all cases, the fighters will be treated with respect.

“Years ago, back in another lifetime, I used to fight,” McCann explained. “I respect the fighters.  I know the hard work and dedication that they put in to these fights.  I want to see them at nice venues, have them come in and perform, treat them well, treat them like the professionals that they are.”

Tickets are going fast for this event, but there are still some left.  Check out  the AMMAFL’s website www. for details on how to purchase tickets.

For fans who can’t make it to the venue, the fight will be available on

I will be doing the ring announcing, so make sure to check it out!



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