The Ring of Combat, New Jersey's longest running and most successful MMA promotion, is back with its 70th show on November 23, 2019 at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The ROC has been home to many up and coming fighters who have gone on to the UFC and Bellator, including former UFC champions Chris Weidman and Frankie Edgar. Check out tomorrow's MMA stars this November 23. For ticket info, visit


In its heyday, Pride FC was the premier mixed martial arts promotion. For many hardcore MMA fans, it was a sad day when the UFC purchased the organization and immediately dismantled it. Fight fans will never forget some of the legendary matchups that took place in Pride, but one of the most memorable of all, and one that still gets talked about today, is the classic “hockey fight” that took place at Pride 21 when Don Frye fought Yoshihiro Takayama.

The fight lasted only six minutes but still won Fight of the Year in 2002. It was a brutal slugfest and reminded fans of a hockey fight because both fighters held on to each other with one hand while throwing punches with the other. Frye was the favorite going into the fight and it was no surprise that he came away victorious, but no one expected the kind of fireworks these men put on. Not sure if Frye and Takayama are hockey fans, but they were a pair of enforces on that night.

I’ve always wondered why more hockey players don’t get involved with MMA. They’ve got the toughness for it, no doubt about that. With their natural athletic ability and some cross training, particularly on the ground, hockey enforcers could make in impact in the sport. Enforcers, which are the fighters on hockey teams, are a vital part of the sport. A good enforcer protects the money players, which helps the teams win. Depending on who is enforcing, opposing players tread lightly lest they get pounded into the ice. Even betting odds are affected when certain enforcers are on the bench. So before you put your money down on NHL betting sites, make sure you pay attention to who’s protecting the stars of the team.

Speaking of stars, there’s a great betting site that’s really making a name for itself. You can access the site at If your into online poker, you’ll enjoy this site. Then maybe you can use your winnings to watch some MMA or hockey fights live.



No one expected mixed martial arts to take off the way it did. From its inception, it was thought to be a niche sport that appealed to a small group of fans. But then something strange happened. The sport of MMA starting growing, eventually making its way into the mainstream, and then exploding in popularity all over the world. Today the sport is one of the most popular sports in the world.

In the United States, MMA is just behind tennis in terms of popularity. Globally, MMA may not have cracked the top ten, but it’s rising and growing more popular every day. UFC president Dana White once predicted that MMA would become as popular as the NFL, but of course that never happened. And even the NFL can’t touch the biggest worldwide sport of all: Soccer.

Soccer is the king of all sports worldwide. Even in the United States, it ranks as the fourth most popular sport, behind the Big Three, football, basketball, and baseball. Soccer is a fan friendly sport and despite the odds on any given game, faithful fans will always bet money on their favorite team. Fortunately for them, there are many places to make soccer bets online, which makes the game even more exciting.

Increasingly, wherever you find people betting on soccer, you’ll find people betting on mixed martial arts as well. Indeed, the UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker is a New Zealand-born Australian fighter. Whittaker played rugby in his youth but soon switched to mixed martial arts where he’s had phenomenal success. You can be sure that Whittaker fans in Australia will be online betting on sports every time he fights.

With champions from all over the globe, and a growing international fan base, one thing is certain: mixed martial arts is a global phenomenon. And it’s here to stay.



On October 5, 2019 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, two of MMA’s most electrifying fighters will battle it out for the UFC middleweight crown. Reigning UFC middleweight Robert “Bobby Knuckles” will take on reigning UFC interim middleweight champ Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya.

Both fighters have big followings “down under.” Whittaker was born in New Zealand and now fights out of Australia. Adesanya is Nigerian by birth, but moved to New Zealand when he was thirteen. He resides in Auckland, New Zealand so he won’t have too far to travel to get to Melbourne. This fight is generating enormous interest around the globe, and the betting odds keep shifting. At first Adesanya was the slight favorite, but now Whittaker appears to the favored by the slightest of margins. Which means this fight is basically a pick ‘em affair.

Heavy action on the fight has been taking place in the United States, where the fight will air live on PPV. The good news for American fans is that there is plenty of action to be on all the best USA online casino sites. But savvy fans may want to wait until the fight gets a little closer to see where the “smart money” goes.

For Australians fans, there are plenty of casinos online where they can lay down their bets. Because Whittaker makes his home in Australia, he’ll probably be the favorite there, but Adesanya definitely has his share of Australian fans as well. And this fight may just come down to a coin toss, because both men are supremely talented and tough. Whittaker is coming off back to back wins against legendary Yoel Romero, while the undefeated Adesanya has wins this year against all-time great Anderson Silva and the tough as nails Kevin Gastulem.

The big winner in this fight is going to be fans. No matter who you’re rooting for, you’re going to get your money’s worth. Stylistically, this is a matchup that guarantees fireworks. And the vibrations from the Thunder Down Under will be felt all around the world.


Weapons 9 and Dead Serious Promotions have once again teamed up to bring Warriors Cup to Yonkers, New York. Warriors Cup 40 takes place at the Police Athletic League of Yonkers on November 9, 2019. The Warriors Cup gained fame by bringing Muay Thai full rules to the East Coast. The organization is the biggest and best at providing great matchups with the most talented Muay Thai specialists in the world. Come see why Muay Thai is a weapon in every mixed martial artists arsenal. These shows sell out fast, so get your tickets early. Go to for ticket info.


MMA is a sport that has improbably risen into the mainstream and continues to grow throughout the United States and the world. When mixed martial arts first appeared with the inaugural UFC event on PPV, it was denounced as a barbaric form of human cockfighting, and pundits were quick to predict a hasty demise. There were even calls to ban the sport, and many states refused to allow MMA bouts to take place in their jurisdictions. Still, despite all the odds, the sport continued to evolve and eventually became recognized as a legitimate sporting contest.

Nowadays, MMA is as popular and mainstream as boxing. And instead of people betting on when MMA will disappear, they’re now betting on the fights themselves. With the advent of online gambling, sports betting and gaming in general have really taken off. And now that online gambling is becoming more popular in the United States, there are so many places to bet, it is sometimes difficult to choose which American casino to choose. Fortunately, there’s plenty of online help to help you decide where to lay down your bets.

Internationally speaking, there are also many great places to play games of chance and skill. Some of the best fighters come from Europe, including former UFC champion Michael Bisping. Bisping is from the United Kingdom, and he was the underdog in his fight title fight with Luke Rockhold. A lot of Brits made a lot of money betting on Bisping that night.

But sports betting isn’t the only action in the UK. You can find a great real money casino if you know where to look. And if you play your cards right, you have a chance for some real money winnings. Ask all the happy MMA fans who believed in Michael Bisping, and were paid accordingly.  Rockhold was a huge favorite to win the fight, but the so-called pillow-fisted British fighter was able to put him away in the very first round.

Bisping beat the odds, and MMA has beaten the odds. Now it’s your turn.


Jackhammer Promotions is back with Fall Brawl IX at Mulcahy's Pub, Wantagh, Long Island on October 27. Fall Brawl is a top notch kickboxing promotions featuring the best talent on the East Coast. For Long Island fight fans, it's a real treat. If you've never caught a Fall Brawl card, do yourself a favor and check out this one, featuring Rochford vs. Diorio in a much anticipated match up. For ticket info, call 631-645-6488.